- Increased reach for horizontal drilling and completion

- Increased casing setting depth capability

Reelwell Extended Reach Drilling Trial completed with success
2016_03_14 TDA during drilling

Picture: Top Drive Adapter during drilling

Reelwell is running a JIP on Extended Reach Drilling (ERD 20km+) supported by Norwegian Research Council, Total, Petrobras, DEA and Halliburton. The main goal is to verify the capability of safely and efficiently drilling wells beyond conventional drilling reach. This enables reach of offshore resources from land as well as reaching out to drain non-reachable pockets of oil and gas, extending the life of old installations.

Reelwell's ERD capability has been successfully demonstrated in a well with the following results:

Common ERD challenges:             Reelwell ERD Trial results: 
High torque, drag and casing wear                Torque, drag and casing wear are strongly reduced (30-50%) 
ECD can limit section length             Near static gradient in well annulus - avoids ECD limitation 
Hole cleaning             Hole is always clean
Full scale PowerPipe™ demo with Halliburton/Sperry BHA tools in Reelwell workshop

The Reelwell PowerPipe™ is connected to Halliburton/Sperry BHA tools (PWD, PCDC, HCIM-RXO, GeoTap, DDSr). The tools are without batteries and are powered through the Reelwell PowerPipe™. Real time data is transmitted simultaneously. Video from the demo: https://goo.gl/OYh3AS

2016 PowerPipe with Sperry BHA and laser targeting (Small)

Reelwell is leading a Joint Industry Project on improving the drilling of horizontal wells. The PowerPipe™ is developed within the frames of this project, facilitating drilling automation and geosteering in long reach wells.